The online color chart cannot fully reflect the actual colors (gloss, metallic, sparkling...).
Please contact us for the official color chart

1.Solid Colors A

M9010-G30 White

M7770-G30 Off White

M7747-G30 Castle White

M7774-G30 Milk White

M3811-G30 Shell Tint

M7758-G30 Sand Stone

M0556-G30 Aluminum Gray

M7776-G30 Monotone Slate

M7991-G30 Charcoal

MJ062-G30 Black

M7814-G30 Clay Pink

M7815-G30 Adobe Pink

MB023-G30 Timber Brown

MB055-G30 Mist Gray

2.Solid Colors B

MB117-G30 Vermillion (P)

MBS09-G30 Signal Red (P)

MB126-G30 Apple Red (P)

MB281 – G30 Cardinal Red (P)

MB022 – G30 Clay Brown (P)

M7798-G30 Maroon (P)

MB058-G30 Madarin Orange (P)

MB122-G30 Orange (P)

MBS08 – G30 Golden Yellow (P)

MBS17-G30 Yellow Green (P)

MBS18-G30 Budding Green (P)

MBS01-G30 Turquoise Green (P)

MBS02-G30 Aqua Green (P)

M7743-G30 Moss Green (P)

MBS10-G30 Deep Verdant (P)

MBS04-G30 Sky Blue (P)

M7748-G30 Ocean Blue (P)

M7800-G30 Flemish Blue (P)

M7787-G30 Blue (P)

M7797-G30 Union Blue (P)

3.Metallic Colors

M9170-G30 Silver Metallic

M9177-G30 Champagne Metallic

M7976-G30 Champagne Gold Metallic

M7796-G30 Silver White Metallic

M7723-G30 Silver Gray Metallic

M7788-G30 Stainless Steel Metallic

MB080-G30 Medium Gray Metallic

MB106-G30 Dark Gray Metallic

MB056-G30 Red Wood Metallic

M7790-G30 Copper Metallic

M7744-G30 Pale Copper Metallic

MB542-G30 Light Brown Metallic

MB540-G30 Terracotta Metallic

MBS07-G30 Brown Metallic

M7817-G30 Light Bronze Metallic

M9221-G30 Medium Bronze Metallic

M7813-G30 Gold Metallic

M7763-G30 Green Metallic

M7822-G30 Dark Green Metallic

MB032-G30 Purple Metallic

M7984-G30 Dark Purple Metallic

4.Sparkling Colors A

MD046-G80 Sparkling White

MD049-G30 Sparkling Dark Gray

MD048-G80 Sparkling Gold

5.Sparkling Colors B

MD044-G80 Sparkling Black (P)

MD045-G80 Sparkling Gray (P)

MD052-G80 Sparkling Red (P)

MD050-G80 Sparkling Light Blue (P)

MD051-G80 Sparkling Blue (P)

6.Prismatic Colors A

ME005-G80 Prismatic Snow

ME013-G80 Prismatic White

ME014-G80 Prismatic Silver

ME010-G80 Prismatic Champagne

ME009-G80 Prismatic Gray

ME012-G80 Prismatic Brown

ME011-G80 Prismatic Tiger

ME007-G80 Prismatic Black

7.Prismatic Colors B

ME017-G80 Prismatic Sky (P)

ME006-G80 Prismatic Gold (P)

ME015-G80 Prismatic Copper (P)

8.NaturArt Series - Stone

MG1W-G80 Black Granite

MG2W-G80 White Granite

MG3W-G80 Red Granite

MG4W-G80 Pink Granite

MG438-G80 Yellow Granite

MG404-G15 Travertine

MG386-G15 Serpeggiante

MG5W-G80 White Marble

MG428-G80 Hellenic Solid Marble

MG427-G80 Blue Pearl Marble

MG394-G80 Green Marble

9.NaturArt Series - Timber

MT401-G15 Maple

MT382-G15 Mahogany

MT405-G15 Zebrawood

MT407-G15 Zeblock

MT406-G15 Oriental Cane

MT393-G15 Beech

MT432-G15 Teak

MT402-G15 Walnut

10.NaturArt Series - Metal

MM389-G15 Brushed Aluminum Light

MM388-G15 Brushed Aluminum Medium

MM390-G15 Processed Bronze

MM387-G15 Patina Cooper

MM398-G30 Aluminum Hairline

MM505-G15 Rusted Steel

11.NaturArt Series - Abstract

MA433-G15 Beton Light

MA434-G15 Beton Dark

MA498-G30 Carbon Fiber Mini

12.Matte Series

Limestone Blue-LBM

Clay Red-CLM

Olive Green-OGM

River Rock Grey-RRM

Cloud White-CWM

Slate Black-BSM