1. General

ALPOLIC/fr LT is exclusively designed for interior applications, such as partitions, interior walls, false ceilings etc. It is a fire-retardant and safe material, meeting the requirements of UBC 26-3 & ISO 9705 (Interior Room Corner Test) which is an acceptable fire rating in most countries. The main ingredient of the core material prevents the proliferation of the flame and restricts the development of smoke which is detrimental to evacuation activities.

2. Product Composition

ALPOLIC/fr LT is composed of a non-combustible mineral core with a small amount of low-density polyethylene sandwiched between two skins of 0.3mm thick aluminium.

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The effective sides are finished with polyester coatings. “Reversible” has effective sides on both top and back. “Single, Stone and Timber” have an effective side on top and a wash coating on back. The effective sides are protected with a translucent self-adhesive / peel-off film.

3. Dimension (standard)



Catalogue ALPOLIC/fr LT

ALPOLIC/fr LT Summary Of Technical Data Sheet

ALPOLIC/fr Material Safety Data Sheet

Interior Color Chart.