1. General

ALPOLIC/fr TCM is a titanium composite panel composed of a 0.3mm thick titanium sheet on the topside, a non-combustible mineral-filled core and 0.3mm thickness stainless steel sheet on the backside. Titanium metal quickly forms a stable oxide film (called “passivated film”) at room temperature and is known for its unparalleled corrosion resistance, ALPOLICTM/fr TCM is suited to the external claddings and roof coverings of buildings located in highly corrosive environment.

2. Product Composition

ALPOLIC/fr TCM is composed of a non-combustiblemineral-filled core sandwiched between 0.3mm thick titanium sheet on the topside and 0.3mm thick stainless steel sheet on the backside:

The core has the same contents as the established fire-retardant core of ALPOLIC/fr. The titanium surface is protected with a self-adhesive peel-off protective film consisting of two polyethylene layers of white and black.

3. Dimension (standard)


ALPOLIC/fr TCM Catalogue

ALPOLIC/fr TCM Summary Of Technical Data Sheet

ALPOLIC/fr Material Safety Data Sheet