1. General

ALPOLIC/fr ZCM is a zinc composite material composed of chemically-weathered zince sheet on the topside, a non-combustible mineral-filled core and a zinc sheet on the backside. ALPOLIC/fr ZCM is suitable for the external applications such as soffits, awnings, parapets, rain screens, external cladding and roofs, especially when conventional building materials are sufficient.

 Zinc alloy skin: The topside skin is a real zinc alloy weathered with a chemical conversion process, which later takes on a distinctive grat appearance through natural weathering.

Long life: Protected by the surface layers, zinc allow has a long life. The annual erosion rate is normally 1 to 7 microns (3 microns on average), which indicates that 100 microns (0,1mm) thick zinc takes as long as 35 years to erode.

2. Product Composition

ALPOLIC/fr ZCM is composed of a non-combustible mineral-filled core sandwiched between two skins of 0.5mm thick zinc:

bang xam ZCM eng ver 2

The core has the same contents as the established fire-retardant core of ALPOLIC/fr. The topside surface is protected with a self-adhesive peel-off protective film.

3. Dimension (standard)

Bang cam ZCM eng ver 2


ALPOLIC/fr ZCM Catalogue

ALPOLICfr ZCM Summary Of Technical Data Sheet

ALPOLIC/fr Material Safety Data Sheet