ALPOLIC/fr is a Metal Composite Material that is composed of an incombustible mineral filled core sandwiched between 2 sheets of metal, in which aluminum (ACM) is most commonly used. There are other metals such as copper (CCM), zinc (ZCM), titanium (TCM), and stainless steel (SCM).
ALPOLIC/fr has been present in over 40 countries, including Asia, Europe, and North America.
ALPOLIC/fr originates from Japan.
Presently, there are 4 ALPOLIC factories in the world. 2 in Japan, 1 in USA, 1 in Germany.
The Asia Pacific market is supplied by the ALPOLIC factories in Japan. Hence, ALPOLIC/fr in Vietnam originates from Japan.
ALPOLIC/fr is the terms used for Aluminum Composite Material, including:
• ALPOLIC/fr ACM: Aluminum Composite Material for external cladding.
• ALPOLIC/fr LT: Aluminum Composite Material for internal cladding.
• ALPOLIC/fr RF: Reflective finish Aluminum Composite Material for internal cladding.

Also, there are other metals used such as:
• ALPOLIC/fr ZCM: Zinc Composite Material, for elaborate designs
• ALPOLIC/fr TCM: Titanium Composite Material, high corrosion resistant.
• ALPOLIC/fr CCM: Copper Composite Material, for richness and depth to any building's facade.
• ALPOLIC/fr SCM: Stainless steel Composite Material, high rust resistant.
• High workability: Able to express Architects' ideas effectively
• Fire safety: With non-combustible mineral core, ALPOLIC/fr has passed most countries' fire safety codes for exteriors and interiors, including Japan and USA.
• ALPOLIC/fr have a coating finish of Lumiflon® based fluorocarbon paint as standard. The paint is known for its high weatherability and durability.
• Rust resistant and corrosion resistant
• 10 years warranty
• Superior flatness, high color consistency, rigid & lightweight.
• Wide range of finishes.
• Recylclable, energy saving, eco-friendly materials.
• Easy to clean & maintain.
• Total thickness: 3mm; 4mm or 6mm
• Length: Max 7200mm
• Standard width: 965mm; 1.270mm & 1.575mm
• Custom width and length are also available
ALPOLIC/fr is a fire retardant material that has passed most countries' fire-safety codes for exteriors and interiors. The main ingredient of the mineral core does not permit the proliferation of flame and restrict the development of smoke detrimental to evacuation activities.
ALPOLIC/fr are highly rigid compared to solid aluminum sheet. Consisting of 2 sheets of 0.5mm thick aluminum, ALPOLIC/fr 4mm thick deliver the rigidity equivalent to an aluminum sheet of 3.3mm thick.
ALPOLIC/fr have a coating finish of Lumiflon® based fluorocarbon paint as standard. The paint is known for its high performance in outdoor application such as;
• High weatherablity, able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
• High durability, able to last much longer in outdoor application without deteriorations such as chalking or loss in gloss level.
• Wide color range
• Adjustable gloss level from 15% - 80%
• Can be repaint
• Solid colors
• Metallic colors
• Sparkling colors
• Prismatics colors
• NaturArt Series (Timber, Stone, Metal, Abstract)
• Matte Series
For more details, please refer to the online color chart.
Custom colors are available with the minimum quantity of 1,000m2/ width.
Custom marble and timber designs are also available with the minimum quantity of 2,000m2/ width.
Yes. Perforated panels of ALPOLIC/fr have a pattern of holes at regular interval. This provides ventilation and permits vision through the panel.
ALPOLIC/fr can reduce sound transmission.
However, a structure is required to effectively soundproof the room.
Please contact us directly for consultation.
100% ALPOLIC/fr can be recycled.
ALPOLIC/fr helps to reduce the level of energy consumption of the building. When ALPOLIC/fr is used for exterior and interior cladding, the air gap between the panel and the wall act as an insulation and increase the energy conservation of the building.